Good morning! It's just shy of nine o'clock on this Wintry Saturday. Not much snow, maybe a dusting- far from being enough to get stuck in. That used to define Winter for me: the first time your vehicle gets stuck in the show- often when trying to get out of my driveway. So far so good. Just get me to Spring relatively unscathed..

I missed seeing the Vibe Tribe at Robbie's last night. Tried to get there, but couldn't find a parking place and got exasperated with the falling snow and the rush hour traffic. Well, there's always next time. They're from Bloomington and Peoria so I don't see them all that often. One thing I was going to impart was that our new Cannabis Shop is a block away from Robbie's. If they got paid cash, they made enough apiece to each buy a joint to smoke on the way home. With the tax though, it would probably take all their gig money. 

This being a brand new site, I've been working away at getting lots of pictures and music in here. Those gig pictures really took me back. Kinda reliving all the places I'd been, people I'd worked with. Pretty much all over the US, one month in Canada(July '85 in Alberta- cities of Calgary and Edmonton)a week in Japan(Ashikaga, on the 'big' island of Honshu)and. a day in Mexico(Matamoros, just across the border from Brownsville TX). That's the extent of my travels, at least so far.

At this point in life, I'm not doing much travelling. Never was very good at it(I like being there far more than getting there), but am glad circumstances forced my agoraphobic ass to get out there a bit. Gigs are fewer--down from 6-10 in a month to maybe one--and earlier. And almost always local. But I still practice most every day, and do a lot of writing/recording here in the Music 'Laboratory'.Turning into more of an "internet musician". Still a musician though..

Okay! This is probably enough to read for now. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Gotta get to my other morning rituals: more coffee, Lumosity games. I do Lumosity every morning. 5 different games(which I can change)designed to work on different cognitive areas like memory, problem-solving. Fun and sometimes exasperating- these old fingers don't move quite as fast as they did.. So, happy Saturday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 


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