Another day in Paradise/Quarantine 

Good morning! About 9:30 on this sun n' clouds Thursday. Continuing to hunker down, and actually getting comfortable with it. Yesterday  I did a couple laps around Washington Park, my first step outside the house in a good while. . It was sparsely populated so 'distancing' was easy. Everybody I saw seemed damned glad to get out of their houses. Nice and peaceful, but with a Dystopian sort of undertone- like we were the lone  survivors of a vast explosion or something. I'm still on my first cup of coffee, so bear with me..

There is a guitarist I've been following on FB, Jostein Gulbrandsen, who put up a post inviting people to subscribe to his YouTube channel, offering to subscribe in return to theirs. So I submitted my page. He followed through, and was very complimentary about my playing. (When I submitted my page, I thought "if you listen, please be kind"). Even got a friend request with him. So we are now Facebook buds. Made my day. Folks, this guy is an unbelievable player. . Give him a listen if you haven't already.

I've stepped up my own practicing, and have been hitting it harder. Which means more YouTube posts on the way. In retirement, I've finally got the time to devote to it, and have improved over the past couple years. Progress is never a straight line, more of a convoluted mess; but over the long haul, I've gotten better. Tough to find the time when you're working. 

As far as recorded music, I've got a lot of new material that could easily find itself on a new CD--well, download. (With physical CDs, I always end up with an extra box or two, and this place is cluttered enough already). At the beginning of the year, I put up 3 new recordings on CD Baby, and have been waiting for them to get 'in the mix' as far as getting streams. As of today, two of my three new recordings--Garden of Sonic Delights and Uncharted Waters--are off and running, each earning a whopping .01 in streams. So it's time to move forward again. 

I've said it before in here about streams. With the streams from my various CDs and downloads, I make about as much money as Spongebob Squarepants does working as a fry cook at The Crusty Crab(especially with that miser of a Boss!). More money would certainly be nice. I wouldn't turn it down. But I'm more concerned about just getting my stuff out there for people to hear. So I like checking out these stats in the morning, seeing who's listening to what. It's often one of those first-cup-of-coffee activities- like the drivel I write in here. 

Okay. I guess that's all I had. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! Stay safe. I'm outa here. More later. 



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