Quaranteen, Day 5  

 Good morning! It's 8:48 on this foggy Wednesday. I'll give this day some credit, in a backwards sort of way. Overcast skies by themselves are just  depressing, but fog at least makes it cooler to look at. Gives you some 'visuals' for the morning. Like you're a character in one of those old horror flicks made by Hammer Films .Always make the best of your situation, right?

First off, thank you all for visiting my page! The first thing I see when I log on is the traffic from the day before, and it always warms me a bit to see a nice tall column for the date. In turn, I'll try to keep the site fresh with new music and pictures for your visits. 

This should be another pretty good music day. Getting back on the stick with practicing, and posting most every day on YouTube. I have yet to get going on any home recording, but sooner or later. I'm enjoying seeing other musicians getting back into their home-studios, or doing solo guitar posts. There is one guy from Peoria who's been posting regularly, always working on something new. He plays guitar and bass and piano just like me, and plays them all well. I won't mention him by name(unlike me, he doesn't bask in compliments), but I've known him to say "it's all Greek to me", as a nod to his ancestry, Keep 'em coming!

Not much else to report. It's been an intense week. My blood pressure has been elevated- not crazy high but higher than it should be. Started dropping yesterday, which was a big sigh of relief. Slept a lot better last night than I have in a couple days. Nothing succeeds like success. And, on the other side of the coin, nothing fails like failure. Either of those can gain momentum, and make or break you 

Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! I'm outa here. Trying to stay safe, and to stay positive. Wishing that for whatever viewers this things gets. Adios for now. 




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