Somehow it's Tuesday

Good morning! Another soul-crushing cloudy day out there but at least it's warmer. Getting ready for another hibernation period, as the next two days are supposed to be cold as hell. More snow too, and supposed to be more substantial this time. What the hell. It's Winter..

Somehow It's Tuesday is a big band chart from several decades ago. We used to play it in the SHS Jazz Band. It has a bass solo, which I enjoyed playing. At the first concert that year, though, the drummer and I got stoned, and I ended up screwing it up. I think I probably redeemed myself next time out. 

One thing I learned from there was how to play in all kinds of states of mind. Fast forward 20 years to a gig at the Hilton, this one trio. Once again, the drummer and I got stoned on a break. But this time we went back in and played great! 

Eventually I learned that it's best with nothing in your system- no alcohol or hallucinogens. You can get just as crazy without that stuff, and are a lot less likely to get lost in the music. Having played and written music both cold sober and stoned on my ass, I found listening back that there was no appreciable difference. You just think there is..

Anyway! Starting to work again on recording new stuff. I've got at least two cuts in need of guitar, and two short pieces(both weird as hell). It is all kindsa fun combining colors and timbres, like you were doing  a watercolor painting. One big consideration here is not to overdo it with the different tracks, lest you end up with mud. It's gonna be awhile before I release another CD--I put up 3 new ones at the beginning of this year, and would like to see them start selling(or at least streaming)first. But I will continue to share individual tracks on my new website. I love the feeling of being pleasantly spent. Felt that last night after working away, and hopefully tonight will be a repeat performance.

Two bandjobs next week, on Thursday and Friday respectively. All that stuff is on the Shows page. Hope to see you at one or both of these events!

I am now on that second cup of coffee for the day, and getting just a little more purposeful. Gotta make a run to the store for a few supplies, preparing for the next couple days, but otherwise plan on making some new sounds. "When purpose has been used to attain purposelessness, the thing has been grasped". Something I read in High School and always liked the sound of. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading this drivel. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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