Another Day in Paradise

I've been developing a nice pattern as far as musicmaking. Seems like once or twice a month I'll have a 3 or 4-day period where I just come up with stuff. Sometimes it's a band approach, with lots of guitar; and on other occasions, it's one of my weird little pieces that probably no one but me likes. The following days are spent remixing and listening back to what I've done, and returning to semi-regular guitar practice. For all the cycles life puts you through, this is one I really like. 

So there's another new one on the Music page, with a few more to come. Getting back on the stick with practicing. And for this page, I have a brand new YouTube video. It's a funk thing, backing track courtesy of Simon Peter King, who is an awesome multi-instrumentalist who shares and sells these online.  is his address. 

Hope you like the new cuts! More later. 

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