Good morning! Just coming on nine o'clock on this Sunday. Overcast skies for the moment. I'm not going to make any kind of declaration here because Mother Nature will make a monkey out of me again by being all sunny and whatnot fifteen minutes later. 

Music news. I've got a new one from the Music Lab. Just some one-chord funk. I called it Funky Monochordia, which sounds like a serious illness. "I'm sorry, Mrs Jones. Your husband has Stage Four Funky Monochordia".Well I suppose it could be a purely musical ailment, characterized by the inability to play anything with more than one chord change. That would be curable, of course, but might require a significant effort on the part of the one afflicted. Might have to have a few sessions with a Music Therapist. Okay, I'll stop with that one.

With my Muse on apparent hiatus, I've gotten back on track with the guitar. She comes first, but the guitar is a very close second.(Resisting throwing in a double-entendre of some kind here),. Back hittin' those scales n' arpeggios, and my "castor oil" picking exercises. If I'm gonna make all these recordings, I want to keep improving. Tough sometimes trying to be a writer and player- tough to do concurrently, at any rate. Best when I alternate between the two. 

My new CD Near-Miracle on 33rd Street is still for sale. $12.50 if I mail it to you(and that includes sending it across the Pond), and $10 if you come by the house to pick it up. I'm not going to make a big announcement until it's hooked up with Spotify and the other digital companies, but I'll mention it in here. Nice having it all done. Off my desk, so to speak. 

And fool that I am, I've already started on another album of all originals, which will probably be available next year about this time. So this has become my game plan: lots of download-only recordings throughout the year and then a CD at the end. 

So that's wazzup with me these days. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you, whatever it decides to do! Until next time, I'm outa here. More later. 

PS Today's pic dates back to 1986. The Blacks, Whites and Blues Festival which went on for three days every year, held in the now-defunct John Hay Homes. From left to right: me, Dianna Thompson, David Hoffman, Art Carey, Larry Nelson(whom we called Hubba), Jeff Davis, Frank Vanes. 

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