Good morning! About nine-thirty in the a.m. on this Hump Day. Current weather: grim(but subject to change!).I usually sleep about 7 hours, give or take in either direction, which is plenty to fuel me for the day. Last night was more like eight. I can feel the difference. Just a little more rested. Actually remembered a fragment from my dreams, which usually evaporate upon waking. Walking toward the back door of the office carrying one of my cats and other stuff, and a girl I worked with holds the door for me. "I still read your  stuff", she says, "about every two weeks". And then I woke up. 

I haven't worked in that office since the middle of 2013, and the cat I was carrying died last November. The workplace is one of my familiar dream scenarios(wonderfully symbolic of day-to-day existence), but that's the first appearance for that cat.

Music news.  The top story is still my new CD Near-Miracle on 33rd Street.  I have a nice website for my new album, provided by a company called HearNow. CD Baby, my main place for many years, is starting to out-source more of their services. The models they show you have links to Spotify and Apple and Deezer and more, but the catch is that they have to request that stuff themselves, so they don't automatically show up on your page. Currently waiting for that to happen. But once that's all in place, it looks like it's going to be very helpful as far as getting listens, and maybe even sales. 

Supposed to get the actual CDs in the next couple days. I'll have 100. Another box of CDs here in the house, but at least a smaller one. When I first started making recordings, I had an unrealistic idea of how many would sell, and placed a couple orders in there for 500 or 1000. I've since learned my lesson, and am working a lot smarter these days.

I'm still on a roll as far as working in the Music Lab, continuing to make these little 2 and 3-minute pieces. They've 'morphed' over the course of the year, from weirdo electronic pieces to fusion/smooth things, now to funky jams featuring the keyboard and the guitar. I post them on the Music page of the site here, and also share to Facebook. 

Also still practicing guitar, and posting to YouTube. My favorite playalongs are those with just bass and drums. The SCVT, or Sam Crain Virtual Trio. 

I hope this isn't too much to read. Thanks for stopping in and reading it though. Happy Hump Day to you! For now, I'm outa here. More later. 

Today's pic is an "artsy" one I took of my cat Cindy yesterday, basking in the sunlight. Running out of music pictures. Need to make some more. 

Today's tune is called Ubangi Mi Bangi, and is a funky thing based on an old tune of mine called Kimber Lee. It's on the CD Spring into Swing Redux. Operators are standing by to take your order....

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