The Bleu Note

Tepid Tuesday  

Good morning! It's 9;26 on this partly sunny Tuesday. Everything's in place. The hibernation continues. Last night I signed up with Hy-vee, and will be picking up my groceries from now on, starting with this Saturday. Still getting my meds at Walgreen's, using the drive-up window pretty much exclusively- and likewise at the Bank.Avoiding human contact, but still getting my ass out of the house on occasion. Isolation can be most unhealthy. Gotta figure in your mental health as well as physical safety. So far so good...

Music news. Got one or two new things I'll be sharing on YouTube. I've always been pretty good about practicing, so that's continuing. Progress is never a straight line. You plug away and plug away, and start to see improvement- and then you have a week where nothing sounds good. The improvement happens in little bits, and is more something you notice in retrospect: 'damn, I've gotten better!" If I didn't love it so much, I'd say the hell with all this....

I invite readers to check out the Music page here on the site. Been updating it pretty well these days. I try to remember to share on FB, but sometimes I forget.. I don't have a Guestbook set up yet, but I can tell when people have visited the site. So stop on in, if you're of a mind to. I'll notice the next day when I sign in and see the stats from the day before. And it will bring a smile. I could use one..

Well, once again it's that time. Time to refill my coffee cup and move on with the day. My next morning ritual is Lumosity. Games for the brain. A mix of fun and torture. But it beats torpor, or "relaxed brain"(to borrow from one of the Rocky movies). There might just be a slogan in there: torture or torpor. This s a sure sign that I myself have "relaxed brain",- or at least a brain in need of more coffee. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Tuesday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy and I'll see you next time. Adios for now. 



A beautiful day for a change  

Good morning! It's just now 9 o'clock on this "uncharacteristically" sunny Monday. The birds are singing, my cat is in the chair to my left purring(and she'd purr even more if she could catch one of them!), my first cup of coffee is to my right. Everything in its place. 

When I first got divorced, back in 1994, I remember giving the news to a friend from my road days, and he said, "Gee Sam, that's a shame. Now you're going to have to learn how to order food!" He finds that remark cold now, but I still think it's funny. And germane to our current dilemma. We have to learn how to do things a bit differently now. More transactions are done online, up to and including grocery orders. Gotta get with that process as it bypasses the whole experience of going to the store and seeing everything picked over- and then being all pissed off at The Spectacle of Human Greed. 

I don't think people are inherently evil. I do think we're inherently self-centered, self-absorbed--but we also have a great capacity for generosity, for helping one another. A crisis seems to bring out both...

Okay! Soapbox over! Still plugging away as a musician.One thing I've always enjoyed is meeting players from all around the world. FB has been good for this. For what it's worth, I am now FB friends with two Norwegian guitarists. One lives in the Bronx and the other in Houston(last time I checked anyway).And both are top-notch players.  The Houston guy used to bill himself as the only Norwegian guitarist in Houston. He's probably got something there. Now if he were to move to Minnesota, he wouldn't be so unique.

I am continuing to plug away at the guitar, and to post on YouTube. Looks like my 'band' will be The Sam Crain Virtual Trio for a good while. Trying to keep my sense of humor through all this. 

I'm always thinking of stuff I want to say in here, and then forget once I get here. This is all the news I could come up with for you. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! Hey, at least it's a bright sunny day. Stay safe, stay healthy. I'm outa here. More later. 

Sunday, that fun day  

Good morning! It's about 9:15 on this dismal Sunday. Yesterday we had the threat of Tornadoes here in MIddle America, as well as the ongoing Pandemic. I thought of my ex-wife, who used to worry about weather conditions(even if they were a State or two away..), imagined her glued to the TV, watching in horror. Fortunately we dodged that bullet. Sometimes life gives you so much you could worry about that you just have to throw up your hands and say, "screw it!".. I'm going to take the precautions,but I refuse to live in a state of fear. I was just as big a worry-wart as my ex, just about different stuff.. Hope she's okay..

Music news. Still woodshedding on the guitar. "Woodshedding", to the uninitiated, is musician lingo for practicing. People have always loved asking me about my "gigs". It's the one word they know in Musicianspeak(?), just like going up to someone HIspanic and using your piddly arsenal of Spanish words. I get a kick out of it. So for you lay-people out there, you now know two words in Musicianspeak. 

On the Music page of my site, there are maybe 30 tunes to listen to. I've made a lot of those free downloads, so if you hear something you like, you can take it home with you for no charge. Once this crisis has passed, I may well return to my mercenary self and jack those prices back up. But for now I'm feeling generous.

My YouTube page has some new posts, as well as a few yet to be uploaded. And of course, anything from today's session that survives I'll be glad to share with you.

Skimpy as it may be, that's my news for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy. I'm outa here. More later. . 


Good morning! About 9;40 on this rainy Saturday. Yes, life sucks right now and so does the weather. Staying in as much as humanly possible. As far as supplies, I've got everything in abundance except for bread, so I can't complain. And as far as the TV(and social media), I check in just long enough to get any new information,  and then just try to move on with my day. I'm thankful that my neighbor and I still have our nice backyard discussions, virus or no virus. And for the friends I have(plus my younger sibling) who are a phone call away.   Life could be a whole lot better, but it could be worse..

Music news. On my YouTube page, there's a nice tune I posted yesterday called Alice in Wonderland. A jazz waltz, very light and airy. More to come. Music is a great refuge in times like these. More practicing, and I think more tunesmithing, once I make the great trek across the room to the recording area..This is the time to get absorbed in a new project.

Wow. Skimpy as it is, I guess that's my news for now.. Time for that next cup of coffee, and a round of Lumosity games. I've been signed up with them since 2015. Every day I have a 'training regimen' consisting of five different games- of which I can pick alternates if I don't like their selections. It's about a half hour of combined fun and torture. Keep the mind alive..

As ever, thanks for stopping in here and reading. Happy Saturday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy. I'm outa here. More later. 




Freaky Friday   

Good morning! Just a shade after nine. Another grim-looking day out there but the birds are singing. I don't hear Jerome Howard this morning(my nyuknyuknyuk songbird)but there are other tune-wielding birds taking his place. No, wait, there he is! Okay, everything's in its proper place. Let the games begin...

Music news. I was already working from home to a large extent, so much of what I do is still business as usual. But what gave balance to my 'hermitage' was the occasional trip out of the house to play with other folks. I'd have a great time not only playing but visiting with people who came to see us. All that socializing would tide me over for a time, so I could work alone without feeling lonely. The phone and good old Facebook(though in smaller doses)are helping stave off any such feelings. I've always been an ambivert; not really extroverted, but not completely introverted either. Somewhere in the middle. 

One drummer who worked in my band for a good long time was also a practicing Psychologist. He once asked me, "do you know what an ambivert is?" "I are one', was my reply. (Forgive me if I've already told that story in here. A casualty of advancing age..) 

Still making music here in the Lab. More guitar practicing, and a few new recorded things that'll probably find their way onto my YouTube page.. There's one new entry from yesterday, some nice trio-style blues. Pretty sure it's on Facebook.. I hope to have more stuff today to share. As always, whatever works--whatever I don't throw back in the water, so to speak--I'll share. 

Not much else to report. Still here, and continuing to do whatever it is that I do..Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy. I'm outa here. Until next time, this is me signing off. Adios for now. 


Another day in Paradise/Quarantine  

Good morning! About 9:30 on this sun n' clouds Thursday. Continuing to hunker down, and actually getting comfortable with it. Yesterday  I did a couple laps around Washington Park, my first step outside the house in a good while. . It was sparsely populated so 'distancing' was easy. Everybody I saw seemed damned glad to get out of their houses. Nice and peaceful, but with a Dystopian sort of undertone- like we were the lone  survivors of a vast explosion or something. I'm still on my first cup of coffee, so bear with me..

There is a guitarist I've been following on FB, Jostein Gulbrandsen, who put up a post inviting people to subscribe to his YouTube channel, offering to subscribe in return to theirs. So I submitted my page. He followed through, and was very complimentary about my playing. (When I submitted my page, I thought "if you listen, please be kind"). Even got a friend request with him. So we are now Facebook buds. Made my day. Folks, this guy is an unbelievable player. . Give him a listen if you haven't already.

I've stepped up my own practicing, and have been hitting it harder. Which means more YouTube posts on the way. In retirement, I've finally got the time to devote to it, and have improved over the past couple years. Progress is never a straight line, more of a convoluted mess; but over the long haul, I've gotten better. Tough to find the time when you're working. 

As far as recorded music, I've got a lot of new material that could easily find itself on a new CD--well, download. (With physical CDs, I always end up with an extra box or two, and this place is cluttered enough already). At the beginning of the year, I put up 3 new recordings on CD Baby, and have been waiting for them to get 'in the mix' as far as getting streams. As of today, two of my three new recordings--Garden of Sonic Delights and Uncharted Waters--are off and running, each earning a whopping .01 in streams. So it's time to move forward again. 

I've said it before in here about streams. With the streams from my various CDs and downloads, I make about as much money as Spongebob Squarepants does working as a fry cook at The Crusty Crab(especially with that miser of a Boss!). More money would certainly be nice. I wouldn't turn it down. But I'm more concerned about just getting my stuff out there for people to hear. So I like checking out these stats in the morning, seeing who's listening to what. It's often one of those first-cup-of-coffee activities- like the drivel I write in here. 

Okay. I guess that's all I had. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! Stay safe. I'm outa here. More later. 



Quaranteen, Day 5   

 Good morning! It's 8:48 on this foggy Wednesday. I'll give this day some credit, in a backwards sort of way. Overcast skies by themselves are just  depressing, but fog at least makes it cooler to look at. Gives you some 'visuals' for the morning. Like you're a character in one of those old horror flicks made by Hammer Films .Always make the best of your situation, right?

First off, thank you all for visiting my page! The first thing I see when I log on is the traffic from the day before, and it always warms me a bit to see a nice tall column for the date. In turn, I'll try to keep the site fresh with new music and pictures for your visits. 

This should be another pretty good music day. Getting back on the stick with practicing, and posting most every day on YouTube. I have yet to get going on any home recording, but sooner or later. I'm enjoying seeing other musicians getting back into their home-studios, or doing solo guitar posts. There is one guy from Peoria who's been posting regularly, always working on something new. He plays guitar and bass and piano just like me, and plays them all well. I won't mention him by name(unlike me, he doesn't bask in compliments), but I've known him to say "it's all Greek to me", as a nod to his ancestry, Keep 'em coming!

Not much else to report. It's been an intense week. My blood pressure has been elevated- not crazy high but higher than it should be. Started dropping yesterday, which was a big sigh of relief. Slept a lot better last night than I have in a couple days. Nothing succeeds like success. And, on the other side of the coin, nothing fails like failure. Either of those can gain momentum, and make or break you 

Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Hump Day to you! I'm outa here. Trying to stay safe, and to stay positive. Wishing that for whatever viewers this things gets. Adios for now. 




The Quarantine Continues  

 Good morning! It's about 9:30 on this yet-another-cloudy day. Much tossing and turning last night, finally to reach the Land of Nod on the third try. Maybe six hours and change. My bed looked like the Wreck of the Hesperus, sheets every which way and on the floor. Like a great battle had been fought. A little tired but still rested. This is where coffee does its magic. Coffee and attitude get me through a lot of stuff...

A nice productive day here in the Lab. Uploaded a bunch of pictures to the gallery, and uploaded a few things to YouTube. Getting some nice comments on recent stuff, which always helps morale. In turn, I try to be supportive of other folks and their efforts. We help each other. I tried to write that sentence in another language(I'm one of those people who knows a little about a lot of stuff..)but one of the characters involved the alt key, which wiped out the post, making me start over. That's what I get for my hotdogging...

He who exalts himself is humbled. Reminds me of a story from college days. At Peabody, there was a guy- Jack Weiner I think- who wanted everyone to call him Mongo- for the brutish character in Blazing Saddles who knocks out a horse. He just ached to be called Mongo, and would refer to himself in the third person, hoping people would follow suit. Alas, no one called him Mongo, but one guy did call him weenie...

Hoping to have another good day of musicmaking. Getting back on the stick with practicing- as, I'm sure, a lot of musicians suddenly stuck at home. Trying to stay productive, and still find ways to stave off Cabin Fever. Still a long way to go with this quarantine situation. It's a challenge.

Well, we've reached that point once again where I have to ring off. That second cup of coffee is beckoning.Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Tuesday to you! Stay safe, stay healthy.I'm outa here. More later. 




un-manic Monday  

Good morning!  It's 8:24 on this cloudyass Monday. In bed at 12:30, up at around 7:30. Another turbulent night, but somehow I got my seven hours in, or close to it. Better rested, which means I'll be more motivated to do things. Musical things, I'm hoping. But things, nonetheless. Feeling grateful this morning for being retired.I'm sure Mondays at the unemployment office are nuttier than ever. 

Music news. May 1st at Robbie's would be my next job. Hope we're back to some sort of normalcy by then. A lot can happen in a month. In the meantime, I'm hunkering down here at home. I check in a couple times a day, as far as any new developments, and then try to put it out of my mind. Informed but not crazy. I probably have enough 'crazy' as it is..

I'm still working on my YouTube page, and will be adding to it today. Been working more on recording stuff these past couple months, and have a lot to share there as well. So I'll try to share some things on Facebook today. Can't spend a lot of time there anymore, but I can get on long enough to share a few pleasantries and then get the hell out. Smaller doses..

Strangely enough, with the start of this new year, I was starting to enjoy a somewhat expanded social life. Starting to get out of the house more. And even planning some group musical activities.  So much for that idea.  But I know how to make my own fun, to a large extent. I'll make the best of this..My social life will pick back up eventually..

And that's my news for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's possible! Stay safe, stay healthy. I'm outa here. More coffee. More later. 


Good morning! It's grim out there, folks. The usual white skies, and snow on the way. Plus we're all quarantined for the next couple weeks. But there are a few "escape clauses". The grocery stores and pharmacies will stay open- as well as the Cannabis Store downtown. I'm on their list for texts, and was informed that it's all done online now, a privilege formerly reserved for medical clients. Nice to know, but I'm saving my shekels for now..

Music News. Well, I still have a booking on May 1st at Robbie's. Hard telling what kind of shape we'll be in at that point, but the date is still there. I had something on April 25th with the Samba Llamas, but that's been postponed until September. Slim pickins...

In the meantime, working on my site and on some new music. Lots of new pictures up, and even a new section in the photo gallery: On the Road. From December of 1984 until March of 1986, I was a troubadour, playing all over the US and 1 month in Western Canada(province of Alberta: Calgary and Edmonton)with a 'variety' band. When I first joined, we did actual floor shows. I had to learn how to duck-walk for one of them(!) I still keep up with a couple folks from that band. Our keyboardist for one, who now lives in Nutley NJ with his wife(our former singer)and two kids. He's a 1954 model like me, and just celebrated birthday #66. Was glad to hear he's still alive and well. 

I wrote a blog about life on the road not too long ago.. For some reason it won't paste here but --well, there you go. .

Hope you enjoy the read. Working on some new music as well. With all the stuff going on around the world, it took a minute to get my concentration back, but I was able to get in the "zone" yesterday, and hopefully will be granted access today. 

And that's my news. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night, 4 or 5 in the morning, and couldn't get back to sleep. About every 3 or 4 weeks, I get one of these days.Got a couple hours of good sleep, so I'm more or less fueled- just a little crispy around the edges. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 


Monday, Take 2 

Good morning! 11:45 at the moment on this improving Monday. Started off like something out of Hammer Films with stark white skies and the gnarly leafless branches of trees. Now Good Ol' Mr Sun is out, making everything better. I already wrote one of these, and somehow didn't get it saved, so here goes nothing. Well, hopefully something this time..

Music News. Well, mainly working on this new site. Adding music and pictures and an occasional bon mot like I'm trying to do here. In the music section, I have a number of free downloads. Some of the things from my CDs, or ones I'm strongly considering putting on one, I've gotta charge something- and I hope my prices are reasonable. 

YouTube is alive and well with 82 subscribers. I try and post something most every day or two. They're mainly from my practice sessions, but I try to spice things up with a few live cuts when I can get them. Seems like I either forget to bring the camera or I can't find anyone fool enough to hold it while we play. Really, I think I often play better here in the Music Lab. I remember in High School our Band Director telling us that when we play out we're at 80%- nerves and other factors take that 20% off the top. It's true! C'est vrai! Thank you for that one, Mr Garretson.

Two bandjobs this coming week, on Thursday and Friday. They're both early and both local- my criteria for playing gigs anymore. And they're both listed on the My Shows page. More on this as we get closer. Hope to see you at one(or both)of these events!

And that's pretty much my music news for the moment. Nothing going on this week, musical or domestic, so I'm hoping to get some trouble on the other side of this room, where I have my makeshift home recording studio. I've probably said this before(and as an old guy, will repeat myself again..)but it's as much fun as you can have with your clothes still on. I had a nice run like this last week, and felt pleasantly spent after each session- like I'd just gotten my ashes hauled..

Otherwise, things are pretty even keel. Been watching a fair amount of College Basketball lately. It's about the only team sport I like to watch. I like the fluidity-things are always moving. And it's cool to see the interplay between team members in sinking a basket, how many steps are taken. Aside from Jeopardy and the news, it's about the only thing I've found that's fit to watch. 

And that's my news for today. Hope this one takes. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's possible! Jeg er outa here. More later.


Good morning! Just a shade after nine on this rainyass Sunday. In the words of Jimi Hendrix, let it groove its own way. Hendrix was a Taoist and didn't even know it. At least that's the wisdom I got from the statement. Usually song lyrics are lost on my unless they're by Frank Zappa. I guess that's an instrumentalist's private prejudice. There are a few singers out there whom I love. When I listen to a singer though, I tend to listen more to the sound of their voice. Weird, eh?

Well, the main news item for me is this site. I've been doing a lot of work on it, much as someone would do in a house they just acquired. A lot more pictures, many of which I had to scan(the one new thing I learned yesterday), and better organized. I have band shots, live shots, and some that are just plain weird, plus a new section on gear: what kind of guitars I've got,  and so on.  In the band pictures, there are a lot of folks represented-and I hope they get to see themselves in here. After all, being "fallible human beings"(as Albert Ellis might put it), they're much more interested in themselves than they are in me. Only natural..

Also music. I've added in a few recent albums in the last couple days. My current stuff is all download, as I got tired of boxes of CDs. The advantage to you the listener is that you get your product right away, as opposed to having to wait for the mail. And the advantage to me is no more damn boxes of CDs! Speaking of boxes though, I do have plenty of physical CDs, and will get to them soon enough. I'm also adding a lot of individual cuts, and trying to make as many of these free as I can. So there are a goodly number of tracks you can take with you. 

I'm still practicing most every day, and recording a few things along the way. So YouTube should have a new post or two. I've got a couple from yesterday to listen to. Trying to stay regular with it even on busy days like I've had working on the site. Or times when I just don't feel like it. I've forced myself to sit down on these occasions, and sometimes get going better than I thought I would. The whole thing behind practicing regularly is that you have your instrument in your hands, thereby strengthening the connection between head and hands.

Outside the world of music, there' s nothing special going on right now. Just my regular 'old guy' routines. I meditate every morning for about 20 minutes, try to exercise at least twice a week(Cardio and weights), do Neuroscience games on the computer every day(Lumosity)and revel in being retired. There are things that flare up in my life- I've replaced my furnace/air conditioner, the muffler in my automobile, and a bad tooth with an implant all late in this past year. And had to put down a cat I'd had for 10 years. So I have my stuff to deal with. But once it's dealt with, life goes back to being nice and boring 

That's all I've got for you for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 




Good morning! It's just shy of nine o'clock on this Wintry Saturday. Not much snow, maybe a dusting- far from being enough to get stuck in. That used to define Winter for me: the first time your vehicle gets stuck in the show- often when trying to get out of my driveway. So far so good. Just get me to Spring relatively unscathed..

I missed seeing the Vibe Tribe at Robbie's last night. Tried to get there, but couldn't find a parking place and got exasperated with the falling snow and the rush hour traffic. Well, there's always next time. They're from Bloomington and Peoria so I don't see them all that often. One thing I was going to impart was that our new Cannabis Shop is a block away from Robbie's. If they got paid cash, they made enough apiece to each buy a joint to smoke on the way home. With the tax though, it would probably take all their gig money. 

This being a brand new site, I've been working away at getting lots of pictures and music in here. Those gig pictures really took me back. Kinda reliving all the places I'd been, people I'd worked with. Pretty much all over the US, one month in Canada(July '85 in Alberta- cities of Calgary and Edmonton)a week in Japan(Ashikaga, on the 'big' island of Honshu)and. a day in Mexico(Matamoros, just across the border from Brownsville TX). That's the extent of my travels, at least so far.

At this point in life, I'm not doing much travelling. Never was very good at it(I like being there far more than getting there), but am glad circumstances forced my agoraphobic ass to get out there a bit. Gigs are fewer--down from 6-10 in a month to maybe one--and earlier. And almost always local. But I still practice most every day, and do a lot of writing/recording here in the Music 'Laboratory'.Turning into more of an "internet musician". Still a musician though..

Okay! This is probably enough to read for now. Thanks for stopping in and reading. Gotta get to my other morning rituals: more coffee, Lumosity games. I do Lumosity every morning. 5 different games(which I can change)designed to work on different cognitive areas like memory, problem-solving. Fun and sometimes exasperating- these old fingers don't move quite as fast as they did.. So, happy Saturday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 



Greetings! It's about 7:30 on this snowy Friday evening. Tried to make it downtown tonight to catch the group playing at Robbie's(Kevin Hart and the Vibe Tribe), but couldn't find a good parking spot. Frustrated with the traffic and the snow, I bailed and headed home. Would've been nice to hear them. At least I made an effort, so I can't kick my ass too much here. Hope they had a good gig. Sometimes you end up packing the house when the weather's bad like this, and other times it wipes out your whole audience.  You never know until you get there. 

Music news. Mainly working on getting this site going, adding pictures and music and whatnot. I had a website through Hostbaby since 2004, and lost it all in the changeover--everything but my web address and domain name. I'd packed a lot of stuff in there over the years, some individualized pages having more to do with my sense of humor than music-but that's what makes it personal. So as well as the music and pictures, I hope to put some of my own quirky personality into this one as well. On the Bio section, I didn't feel like writing my whole life story over again, so I cut to the chase. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll add some other touches. 

I have 33 CDs , all available through CD Baby at the moment, but may take a stab at selling them here as well. They vary in style, from straight-ahead jazz to modern classical music. You can buy physical CDs or downloads, and also purchase individual tracks. 

Most all of the music tracks are things I just had in my own collection, and usually aren't on a CD. I might stick to this policy, as it's stuff you won't hear anywhere else. Hopefully that will serve as an incentive for checking out the site here. 

Anyway. That's my news for right now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Friday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 


 Good morning! It's just shy of noon, only eight minutes left. Another dark Winter day. I usually do these posts earlier in the morning, around 8 or 9. Early morning is 8 or 9. Becoming more diurnal in my retirement(partly attributable to my giving up my beloved Corona), but still not a true morning person. My Dentist works out at 5:30am, before going in to put in a full day of patients. That's hardcore. At 5:30, I'm either sound asleep or up taking a leak-soon to return to the Land of Nod. 

  Music news. 2020 has been a creative year for me, and the year's just getting started!. Three new CDs added to CD Baby(much backlog I finally got 'off my desk'), and some brand new music. It's either feast or famine with me, and I'm currently chowing down. Hopefully this wave will continue. I'll try and get some of this new music onto the Music page here. 

I also have a page on YouTube. The link is somewhere on the site here. Still learning my way around. But my page has lots of guitar work, some with groups and some either solo or with a playalong. You Tube  There you go. Like I said, still learning...

Hope you enjoy your visit to  Happy Hump Day to you, however you choose to celebrate it. I'm outa here. More later. 


Good morning! It's just shy of nine this side of noon on a cloudyass Tuesday. Nice and rested though, which helps buffer the depressing day outside. Life is a shit sandwich and every day is another bite, but the more bread you have, the less shit you taste. I'm not quite that cynical, but it does make me laugh. However, in the second part of that statement, I think "bread" is actually a good night's sleep. It does mask the taste, when necessary...

Music news. Last week was spent almost entirely doing home recording, and I have one unusual piece to show for it. It's a suite of nine short pieces. The music is all mixed and uploaded to the computer, but I haven't added it anyplace yet. Hope to post it in here in the very near future.

This week, I've been getting back to the guitar. It took a back seat while I was being a 'mad scientist' in my makeshift home studio. A little rust in the fingers at first, but I feel like I'm back on track. Hopefully some more new posts on YouTube. I have a few things now, but they're tunes I already played on there within the month. One of my few rules is that I try not to repeat myself too much as far as material. Variety is, after all, the 'spice of life'. 

I'm slowly turning into an "internet musician", doing more and more in the cloistered confines of my music room--which I often refer to as the Music Laboratory.  But I still play out every now and then, and  have two band jobs this month, on the 20th and 21st. If you're interested, more information is available on my Shows page. Hope to see you at one of these events!

And that's my music news for today. On the domestic front, I have a Dentist's appointment in about an hour. I've had the same Dentist for at least 25 years. It's about as pleasant a time as you can have at the Dentist's office. There is some brief physical pain, but usually a nice discussion about whatever. 

Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Tuesday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

un-manic Monday 

Good morning! It's straight-up nine o'clock on this halfway sunny Monday. I just saw a meme on Facebook from my old supervisor at the State."What do you call a person who's happy on Monday? Retired." She was supposed to go about the same time as me, but hung in there for a few more years. Glad she was finally able to bail.  

 Music news. Still working on my new website, getting things in order. I've got a bunch of pictures up, and am adding music as well. It's still kept my 'domain'), just under new management. Naturally, I encourage whoever is reading this to stop in and check out my new 'place'. Like they say in front of the strip clubs in Baltimore,"don't cost nothin' to check it out". 

 Been working away in my makeshift home studio this past week, and have a new composition. It's a Suite of nine short pieces. Not sure whether to make this as an album in itself or part of another album. Decisions, decisions. But the stuff works, and therefore needs to be shared. 

Yesterday I took a break from recording, and dusted off the guitar. It'd been a couple days, so there was just a little rust. I'll have some new jams for YouTube sooner or later.Tough keeping everything together. Something always has to take a back seat.  

And on top of all this, I'm still trying to maintain an exercise regimen. This also took a back seat this past week, so yesterday I got back on track. I've got a nice compact workout with 3 different leg exercises, several sets of pushups, dips(for triceps)and finally a couple sets of leg-lifts. Takes about half an hour. I'm pretty whipped afterwards, so I know it's doing its stuff.. 

Two bandjobs later this month, on the 20th and 21st. I'll be at Pease's Gourmet on the 20th with the Samba Llamas; and at Robbie's on the 21st with Dan Rivero and Co. This stuff is now on the Shows link on my new website.  

And that's the major headlines for now. I'm not a football fan- college basketball is much more my style-, so I missed Superbowl Sunday- but am glad that the great state of Kansas was so well-represented.. 
 Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! I'm outa here. More later.   


Good morning! It's about 8:45 on Sunday, this side of noon. The first sunny day we've had all week- or at least the first day that started off sunny. My home state of Illinois has not only the largest number of incarcerated Governors(4), but it also has the most mercurial weather going.  
   Music news. First off, I'm in the process of building another website. Hostbaby, the company I had mine through, sold out to another company called Bandzoogle. The good news is that I administer pretty much all the pages myself, so I can add music and photos on my own(I used to have to rely on a webmaster for that stuff). Lotsa pix up already, and a few tunes. It's still, just a different location.  
   In other news, I've spent the past week recording new stuff. What I have to show for it is a Suite of nine pieces.They're short- maybe 2 or 3 minutes apiece-but fairly intense. And entertaining, easy to listen to(but NOT "easy listening"). My music may be weird at times, but it's never esoteric. It's meant- ideally- for everybody.. 
   The guitar has taken a back seat these past couple days. Hope to get back on the stick today with practicing, and maybe have something to share with you on YouTube. As far as my home-recordings, I've got a couple things in need of guitar, so I'll be incorporating it into the mix. More to come. 
    A few bandjobs later this month,on the 20th and 21st. The 20th is at Pease's with the Samba Llamas; and the 21st is at Robbie's with the Dan Rivero Group. Hope to see you at one of these events! 
    My new site has a blog page, so I can continue to pontificate with my morning coffee and share these 'bon mots' with you the reader. So, more to come! 
    And that's about everything I can think of for now. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Sunday to you! Ich bin outa here. More later.  


   Welcome to my new site! Just getting started here on Bandzoogle(finally getting the name right!), getting everything assembled. Stay tuned, much more to come!