un-manic Monday 

Good morning, whoever-reads-this! Another beautiful day out there at 10:17 in the am. Another Sunday, as far as I'm concerned, even though the sign says Monday. There's a Day Care right across the alley from me, and I can hear the kids playing. All's right with the world--at least this little corner of it. 

Today's pic is from a gig back in 2013. Gotta love the aerial view.  Kevin Ellis, Jaro Howse, and me. It was my first gig as a “free man”, having just left my daygig of 22 years. Illinois Department of Employment Security, aka the unemployment office. It was supposed to be 23, but I'd had enough. The house was paid off, and I'd socked away a little  money, so it was a good time to exeunt. 

Still grateful as hell to have had a job to retire from, but enough is enough..

I hadn't seen these guys in ages. We'd done lots of gigs together over the years, and in various bands.  A very nice reunion. Lots of talking in between the tunes, but nobody complained or anything. This was the lobby of PNC Bank downtown, a location which no longer exists(!) Many gigs over the years in that beautiful lobby. Gotta love all that marble..

. Lots of gigs when I first retired, 6 to 10 every month. Got burned out from the “excess busyness” and cut back, but got a nice niche going with the gigs I did play. Then COVID came along and blew everybody's plans. I had a great time in the home studio, but eventually got to missing working with other humans. I'm only human myself..

At this point, I'm starting to re-emerge. Had a trio gig on Friday the 31st, and another one this past Saturday. And I've got a possibility at The Pharmacy. There was somebody at the party on Saturday who does booking for that place. Supposed to get a call.  Things are picking up. 

Well that's all the news I can come up with for the moment. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! For now, ich bin outa here. More later. 


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