News from Samland Part 1

Greetings, whoever-reads-this! It's been awhile since I've written up one of these. I still practice every day, as far as that goes. But the daily blog fell by the wayside as my morning rituals expanded to include Wordle and now Spelling Bee. 

Music news. At the moment, just practicing and learning new tunes. Along Came Betty is one I've just gotten under my fingers. Airegin is another. Learning new tunes is important. I fall into playing the same stuff myself, but try to push myself out of over-familiar territory every so often. 

Mainly I just practice playing over this or that tune, with various objectives. I always work on rhythm, on my time, maintaining a relationship with the bass and drums. Sometimes just bass, sometimes just drums, and even a simple click track- but something generating a pulse. 

These days I'm working on leaving more space. The best thing you can do for your time is to find out where not to play. It's harder to do than you might think. But it seems to solidify your time on the notes you do play. So, trying to be cognizant of this when I'm playing. 

I've had three gigs this year. One was a fill-in gig with a band I used to be in, and the other two were trio gigs. I want to do more trio gigs. Hopefully more things will come up. I don't want to be working a lot, but would still like to do more of these threesomes. 

My YouTube page is still going strong. Just got a new subscriber, which brings things up to a whopping 278. That's still a lot of people, as far as I'm concerned..

I love hearing from folks, and always fire something back at them. Not every day of guitar practice yields a video, much less a decent one, but I'm still able to keep it well-stocked. And I've got a few from a recent gig. Hopefully more gig tapes, but always something!

Sometimes, space allowing, I have a section in here called Domestic/Old Guy News. That news is actually a lot more interesting than this stuff. Maybe next blog, As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading. Much love . More later.

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