Good morning! 8:47 and 26 degrees at the moment. A sunny Winter day. I'll take it- just as long as I don't have to get out in it. 

Music news. I have a gig on Friday, March 31st, at Boone's. Ben Taylor on bass and Jaro Howse on drums.

I'm using some different players this time, which is no reflection on the guys who've been doing these trio dates with me over the past couple years. Rob and Dave have done a great job. I just wanted some different energy.

Actually, my first attempt at filling this was going to be a drummerless trio with Rob and myself and Buddy Rogers. Rob works with me under duress, but he loves working with Buddy. (Me too, for that matter). We've done it before.  Buddy was up for it, but is already working on that date, so I had to start over. 

When I hire people, I tend to think in terms of how they're going to get along with one another--especially bass players and drummers. Ben and Jaro have worked together on several occasions, and there's good chemistry between them. So I think we'll have us some fun..

Domestic/Old Guy news. I have an appointment on the 23rd with a Plastic Surgeon, to have an early Melanoma taken off the top of my noggin. Something they found when I went in on the 16th of last month. Might see if he can do something with the nose and jawline while I'm there. Not worried about this, but looking forward to having it in the rear-view mirror...

Otherwise, just continuing to enjoy my retired life. Speaking of which, it's about time for that second cup of coffee, so I'll ring off here. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Thursday to you! Ich bin outa this place. More later. 


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