Good morning! It's just after nine on this "uncharacteristically sunny" Sunday. It's a balmy 27 degrees--and I realize that  that's relative. To someone from North Dakota or  Minnesota, this is probably 'sauna weather'. The sun is shining, and there's one bird singing outside my window. There have been far worse days than this one..

Music news. I just made $50.67 from CD Baby! Been working with them for many years now. I get paid for CD sales and downloads, and also streams. Actually the streams constitute most of my 'earnings'. It moves about as slow as Geologic Time, but those miniscule payments(sometimes a fraction of a penny!)add up- eventually. When it reaches 50 bucks, they deposit it into my checking account., where it's quickly wiped out by one bill or another. Well, it's the principle...

Way back in 2013, when I left the world of work, I was on my own financially. not being quite old enough to draw retirement. . And I played a lot of gigs to make up the difference. So there were all kinds of $50 and $100 deposits, which were immediately swallowed up by the bills. This was a little disheartening at first, but I realized it was just the nature of the beast. Playing gigs provides a nice second income, but it's a tough way to make a living- something you're much more aware of at 60 than you were at 25. 

I have two bandjobs this week, on Thursday and Friday. Thursday is at Pease's Gourmet with the Samba Llamas, from 6:30 to 8:30. Friday is with Dan Rivero & Co, at Robbie's, from 5:30 to 7:30. Hope to see you at one of these events!

This past month or so I've been working more on writing and recording, and have had a couple of  good creative binges. It's been pretty much all keyboard(Roland Fantom), but I'm getting ready to add some guitar tracks. I've got a nice processor I picked up some years back from the Rock Shop. Hundreds of sounds. Not all usable--wayy more death metal than I think I'd ever use in this lifetime--but many are. So- new music on the horizon.

These jobs later in the week will be a nice break. Get out of the house, play some music, visit with a few folks.Then it's back to the studio to work on more stuff and recharge those introvert batteries. I've often thought I'd be more in the middle of that scale- an ambivert- but I get drained by people and noise and general hubbub, so maybe not. Still, I try to make it all fun, whether I'm going out or staying in. 

Not much on YouTube lately. I'm still putting in some practice time though, and will get another 'winner'  sooner or later. Tough to keep up on everything. Something's always gotta give.. 

And that's my news for now. As ever, thanks for stopping in and reading this hoohah. Almost forgot to mention, I'm also working on a new blog. I've got a bit of a writing bug, and have several blogsites. I'll share when I get it done. Anyway! Happy Sunday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 


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