Un-manic Monday

Good morning! About 20 after ten on this bleak Monday. Looking out at a white sky and gnarly leafless branches on the trees, enough to make you want to go back to bed. But there's a bird singing, which makes things a little less stark. A voice in the wilderness, so to speak..

Music news. Still working away on the new samcrain.com, adding more music and pictures. I have one album up- Oop Bop Sh' Bang- and a few of my newer download-only collections. In the Music section of the site, there are a number of free downloads. Gotta charge a little for the stuff on CDs(still a very reasonable price!), but I hope to always have something you can just take with you.

My YouTube page is alive and well, now up to 82 subscribers. I try to post something new most every day. They're usually from practice sessions here in the Music Lab, but once in awhile I'll get something from a gig. The original intent was to get a lot of live stuff, but I either forget the camera or can't find anyone to tape us. So I don't have as many live things as I might like, but sometimes I feel like I play better right here in the music room. I remember in High School our Band Director telling us that we give 100 percent in the practice room but about 80% on the bandstand. Nerves and other things take off that 20%/ It's true! C'est vrai! Thank you for that, Mr Garretson.

Nothing happening this week, musical or domestic. Hope to get into some more trouble on the other side of this room, which is my makeshift home recording studio. It's all kindsa fun coming up with new stuff, combining timbres to create new colors and textures. Had a couple such sessions this last week. I still maintain that it's as much fun as you can have with your clothes still one. Felt pleasantly spent after those sessions last week, as if I'd just had my ashes hauled..

2 bandjobs, next Thursday and Friday. They're on the Shows page here on the site. They're both local and both early(my criteria anymore for gigs), and both should be a good time for musician and listener alike. Hope to see you at one(or both)of these events!

As a musician-with-a-dayjob for many years(figuring 27), I basically kept two schedules. Worked Monday through Friday at my job, and most Friday and Saturday nights--and an occasional Sunday afternoon or early evening--playing gigs, for a lot of years in there. Got a little crabbier at 50 as far as travel, but still had at least two every month. And when I retired, I took every gig that came my way: 6 to 10 dates every month. This went on until about 2017 or so, and things started to slow down. 

I think the retiree in me started to kick in. Or the Maynard G,.Krebs. Work?! The free time that was so daunting in the beginning now felt easier to dive into. Really enjoying the un-scheduled life. Well, as unscheduled as I can manage..

And that's all I can muster here on this Monday morning. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you! I'm outa here. More later. 

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