un-manic Monday 

Good morning! 11:07 and a bone-crushing 16 degrees. Well maybe not bone-crushing---that would be 16 below--but still colder than I might like. Heading into the second half of Winter. So far so good. 

Music news.  Easing into 2023. An almost-gig back on the 8th- which consisted of waiting around for the employer  for about an hour. I did get paid for my trouble, which was cool but not necessary. It was a bandleader I hadn't worked with in quite some time.

Some nice catching up in that hour, but also a reminder that they have a snarky side to them--one I'd do well to avoid. And so it goes with people you've known for several decades. In all that time, they've probably said and done some very nice things on your behalf. But they've probably also pissed you off on more than a few occasions. So you don't condemn them, but just lower your dosage..

As I get older, and have to take more medications,  I tend to view people in that way.. Some make you feel better, some make you feel worse. So you try and keep the nutrients, but get rid of the toxins. And so it goes...

On a more positive note, I have a gig coming up. Friday, March 31st, at Boone's. 5:30- 7:30. Me and a bass player and drummer. Jazz standards and maybe an original or two. And I'll have CDs on hand, which I always sell for half-price at gigs. Hope to see you there!

Still continuing to practice, and make videos. Working from home is not the same as playing with other musicians. Obviously, you don't have the interaction. But you can still work on things like time, and sound, and phrasing. I'm thinking about all those things when I make videos. I suppose they're like Test Missions. 

Anyway, that's my story for now. On the 23rd of this coming month, I go see a Plastic Surgeon about an early melanoma on top of my noggin. Might see if they can make me better-looking while they're at it. The Dermatologist I saw back on the 16th of this month is too busy, so they're farming me out. At least it's right here in town. It's just one of those things we oldsters have to go through...

Okay. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. Happy Monday to you, if that's possible. Ich bin outa here. More later. PS today's tune is from my album Jazz Guitar. It's called Autumn Gets Up and Leaves. Hope you like it. 






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