Blue Monday 

 A rainy day out there today. The Mondayest of Mondays. I have four new tracks from yesterday's fun, and one of them is up here. It's called Freaky Frequencies,and is something you could actually dance to. Ended up finding this particularly eerie patch on my Line 6 Guitar Processor, and ended up running with it. Perhaps a happy accident. I, for one, was pretty pleased. 

I've taken to using my old dinosaur Drum Machine from 1980 for basic rhythm tracks. It's a Yamaha RX-15. Still very user-friendly, although it's showing some signs of senility, locking up in the middle of programming it. Takes a couple of reboots to finally get something going. We might just be looking at finally having to put this fine piece of equipment(for its day at any rate)out to pasture. 

Another instrument I've dug out for recording purposes is my bass. Ibanez 5-string. I've used it on one cut already, yet to be posted here or anywhere, and have a couple more so designated. Looking forward to that. I like to record the guitar parts first, so I'm playing bass with myself. Hopefully there'll be some nice interplay between the guitar and bass. That's what I'm shooting for. 

Thanks for stopping in. Happy listening! 

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