Oy Gevalt.... 

There are some new pictures up here on the site, and even a new section of the photo gallery. I came across a handful of old pictures from my brief stint on the road- December 1984 through March of 1986. Lots of memories, mostly good ones. More life experience. 

We here in the great state of Illinois are on lockdown from tomorrow at 5pm until April 7th. I was able to make a trip tonight and stock up on most everything. Strangely enough, I was just starting to get out of the house more. This mass quarantine sure put the kabash on that!

This means that all the musicians out there will be relying on their computers. The market, whenever it opens back up, will be flooded with new Indie recordings. More music as it gets made. Just haven't been able to get there yet. But I'm sure between now and April 7th I'll have some inspiration. In the meantime, some new pix. Thanks for stopping in and reading all this drivel. Happy Friday to you!

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