A big day yesterday here in the Lab. More tracks. I'm trying to do some larger scale stuff, and one of the current batch is a full-fledged song. And a long form at that, kinda like My Favorite Things with a C section. And no, C just stands for C, not Caesurian. 

That was a joke, son. Besides some longer forms in here, I've expanded the instrumentation to bass. An Ibanez 5-string, which I've had for quite some time. Don't remember whether I bought it or just inherited it, but it's from a bass player friend who'd graduated to another 5-string. Strangely enough, he started out as a guitar player, and I started out as a bass player. 

So I've dusted off the Ibanez bass and have added a couple bass tracks, with more to come. The groove is steadier with the real bass as opposed to left-hand synth bass. I remember being on the road with a band that had a very talented but equally obnoxious bassist. Our keyboard player used to tease him; one little computer chip marked Fender Bass for my keyboard and you're outa here. Still, in most situations, a real bass player is preferable. 

This is still in the pipe dream phase of things, but I am entertaining thoughts of adding some other musicians to the mix. My earliest home recordings had a trumpet-player buddy of mine, and also a trombonist. No reason why my recent stuff shouldn't have the same features. So sooner or later, there;ll be some guest stars. For now, I'm a solo act. My keyboard chops are starting to get better. At the moment I can make simple, spare solos- ala Count Basie.

Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading. This is the up-to-the-minute news. More later. 

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