Om Sweet Om  

I actually have a song called Om Sweet Om. It's on my album The Big Box of Love. And yes, operators are standing by to take your order. 

Come to think of it, I think I got that cheesy play on words from an old R. Crumb comic strip- which no doubt featured Mr Natural, and his disciple Flakey Foont. 

My humble homestead is the central theme these days. I have a crew who've been here the past two days replacing my roof, and taking care of the environs as well. 

They power-washed front and back, and cleaned up the yard. My main concern, of course, was the big gaping hole in my roof, but these extras are nice. This is actually the before picture. I'm sure this place will be a little bit more photogenic in the next picture I take. 

The real reward in all this will of course be when we get the next Biblical rainstorm. The ecstasy of not having to monitor wastebaskets rapidly filling up with rainwater. Man, that's gonna feel great! 

Then the novelty will wear off, and the rainstorms will go back to being just kind of a downer-which still beats the pants off the experience of bailing water, as well as the hazard.  Sometimes life is just plain gonna suck. But you can at least control the suckage. That is to say, the degree of suckage..

Music news. I just finished up one of two home recording projects, at least as far as the music. It's in a sort of eclectic style: fusion without the pyrotechnics, and smooth jazz with more substance. Now I just need a cover and a title. Coming soon!

The other one is more straight-ahead jazz, and I may have to get some outside help on this one as far as recording levels. But also coming soon. 

Nothing outside the territorial limits of Crain Manor at this point, but I still play most every day and am always working on something new- or at least a new way of playing something old.. So I should be ready when the next opportunity presents itself. 

For now, more to come on my YouTube page. And a few pictures when they're done with my house. Thanks as ever for stopping in and reading! Later for now. 

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